Heart Wisdom – Ep. 55 – Seeing Anew

By shifting our perspective on our own experience, we can better understand the world around us. Jack shows the importance of becoming the witness and seeing anew.

What does it mean to see everyone and everything in a fresh light? Jack talks about the shift of identity that comes from meditation. He describes how in becoming the witness, we are able to become more mindful of our experience and the experience of others in a different way.

Through this witnessing, we begin to learn to forgive and let go of attachment to how we think the world should be. Another aspect of this is the awareness of suffering and a greater capacity to be with that suffering.

“Instead of living in guilt and resentment, you begin to realize that is not the way you want to tend your heart; it’s not what you want to hold on to, and you begin to let things go and start anew.”

Find Peace


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