Peace comes when our hearts are open like the sky,
vast as the ocean.

Jack Kornfield

Author, Buddhist practitioner, Spirit Rock Meditation Center founding teacher, and one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West.

Photo: Donna Wan


Mindfulness of Feelings

Mindfulness of Feelings

Feelings are ever-present. They are a mysterious and rich dimension of our human life. But without mindfulness of them we can react automatically, habitually clinging to the pleasant feelings, avoiding the unpleasant ones, and remaining unaware of what is neutral.

Audio: Walking Meditation

Audio: Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is another way to develop calm, connectedness, and embodied awareness. It can be practiced regularly, before or after sitting meditation, or any time on its own, such as after a busy day at work or on a lazy Sunday morning.

Online Courses

Masterclass in Interactive Guided Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation: The Fundamentals

Buddhist Psychology: Essential Skills For Transforming the Heart & Mind (Coming Soon)

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Upcoming Events at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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