The Fundamentals

Jack Kornfield

Decades of neuroscience studies show the power of mindfulness to relieve stress, awaken our positive capacities, and bring balance to our lives. Mindfulness gives us the power to meet any situation wisely, to be fully present, and to operate with compassion.

We all know how busy and divisive modern times can be, and how easily they can fuel stress and anxiety. Mindfulness is both healing and liberating. Learning to meet our complex world and our own changing mental states with mindful loving awareness and courage allows us to find spacious, clear and healthy responses to life, rather than be caught in habitual reactions and struggle.

Mindfulness quiets the mind and heals the heart. Systematically practicing mindfulness, we can recognize and foster positive states of mind like kindness, generosity, steadiness, and love — discovering how they are natural to us; and learn to nurture and strengthen them into a new, more gracious life of well-being.

What You Get

Learn these essential practices for living wisely

• Sitting meditation
• Walking meditation
• Handle strong sensations & pain
• Eat with mindfulness
• How to work with all strong emotions, from anxiety to joy
• Acknowledge thoughts & feelings without getting caught in them
• Cultivate compassion
• Attune to highest intentions
• Suitable for beginners & those with prior meditative experience

Mindfulness Meditation
The Fundamentals


This program includes 31 lessons bundled into eight sessions. Jack will show you how to skillfully practice the most valuable mindfulness and compassion meditations, including breath, body, feelings and thoughts and more. This is a valuable resource that can be used again and again to sustain or refresh your regular, ongoing practice.
*This course was previously offered on Udemy. If you have taken this course on Udemy and don’t want to take it again, please wait for my next offering, coming soon.

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