This meditation is for calming your heart and mind. Bring your attention to feel the sensations of your breathing. Take a few deep breaths to sense where you can feel the breath most easily—as coolness or tingling in the nostrils or throat, or as movement of the chest, or as rise and fall of the belly. Now let your breath be natural. Feel the sensations of each breath very carefully, relaxing into each breath as you feel it, noticing how the soft sensations of breathing come and go without effort. As you sit with the breath, let the breathing rhythms change naturally, allow them to be short, long, fast, slow, rough, or easy. Steady yourself by relaxing into the breath. When your breath becomes soft, let your attention become gentle and careful, as soft as the breath itself. You will find awareness of the breath helping to steady and quiet your whole body and mind.

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This meditation was originally livestreamed by Spirit Rock on 8/24/20.

Find Peace


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