In this episode we discuss:

  • The first step to dealing with difficult emotions is seeing and accepting what’s there
  • How practicing mindfulness expands your window of tolerance
  • Tools to help us remember the vastness
  • Remembering that our story is always changing
  • How we are bound to experience both the beauty and pain in life
  • The importance of compassion
  • How there are many simple practices to transform our heart and mind
  • Choosing the best spiritual practices based on what we’re drawn to
  • The possibility of seeing the Buddha-nature in every human being
  • The refuge in community and how we need each other
  • Trusting that we’re part of something bigger than ourselves
  • Learning to trust our inner knowledge, heart, and body
  • Accepting our fear and understanding that growth comes after fear
  • The doubting mind and our capacity to recognize it
  • Learning to not judge the thoughts that come up in meditation
  • How we all have the seeds of awakening within us


Find Peace


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