Jack Kornfield on Oprah’s “SuperSoul Conversations” Podcast

Jack sat down with Oprah on “SuperSoul Sunday” and answered the questions: What is Buddhism? How can it help your daily life? Is it a religion? And what does the statue we always see really represent? Jack discusses the steps involved in mindful living and offers practical tips on how to grow your own spiritual practice. His teachings begin with the idea that people are born whole and good, and that later, they can choose to turn back to their innate goodness. Jack also shares his best advice on how to stay in the now, quiet your thoughts and lead a truly awakened life. When we take the time to quiet our thoughts and truly experience our feelings, both positive and painful, an amazing thing happens: We become kinder and more compassionate. Learn how to make your heart “a zone of peace” and how this creates a peaceful ripple effect in the world.

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