Heart Wisdom – Ep. 195 – Freedom, Independence, and a Spiritual Rudder

In this Independence Day focused episode, Jack reflects on how we can foster true freedom and independence through using a spiritual rudder.

“The Buddha, in the last bit of his life, said, ‘When I’m gone, don’t follow or place all of your reliance on elders or teachers, but rather follow the Dharma, the universal law, and know these things for yourself. Know the forces of grasping, hatred, and ignorance. Really know what they are. Let yourself see them, and know that it is possible to find freedom from these. If it weren’t possible I wouldn’t tell you about it. Then as you live your life, be aware of what brings goodness, what brings freedom from grasping, hatred, and delusion. Nourish that which brings that freedom, sustain it and support it.” – Jack Kornfield

In this episode, Jack dives into:

  • The ideals of the U.S., versus its reality and history
  • What it means to be independent, what it means to be free
  • Learning what your “spiritual rudder” is to steer you in the midst of this Kali Yuga
  • Buddha’s advice on following the Dharma, and your Way, rather than following others
  • Our spiritual rudder as synonymous with truth, love, integrity, and our Buddha Nature
  • True freedom as freedom from the pull and sway of outside circumstances
  • Real loving kindness, real metta, as timeless, fearless, and free

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