Video: The Power of Connection: Kindness and Compassion in the Digital Age (Wisdom 2.0)

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by global problems. Climate change. Wars across the Middle East. Streams of refugees. Racism. Prison reform. Homelessness. Economic injustice. Political gridlock. These are part of the fabric of the human race at this time. But the solutions to these problems are also within you.

It is obvious that there is no outer solution. No amount of new technology, computers and Internet, space technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology will stop continuing warfare and racism and environmental destruction. This is a pivotal point in our history. The powers of science and technology now have to be matched by the inner developments of humanity. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called us a nation of nuclear giants and ethical infants. But this is not the end of the story. We have learned that empathy, integrity and wisdom can also develop.

Humanity must go further. It is possible. We need an educational system based on compassion and mutual understanding, and a profound sense of interconnection. We need mindfulness and mutual care to guide our communities, our medicine, our politics. We need a new way to approach our problems.


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