Heart Wisdom – Ep. 72 – Exploring the Eightfold Path

“In the ever-changing circumstance of the world – those outer circumstances are not what makes you happy. They will for a while, there is a certain kind of pleasure there, but the deepest happiness doesn’t come from outer circumstances. If we cling to greed, fear and hatred then suffering arises, but there is a way to liberate ourselves.”

The Middle Way (8:20) – We look at the lessons learned by the Buddha around navigating life’s extremes. What is the benefit of taking the Middle Path in all things and how can it break us out of our conditioning?

“It is called the Middle Path because what the Buddha discovered was that he had lived this life of pleasure, but somehow that was not satisfying to his heart as he grew older. Then he tried the opposite by becoming a yogi and trying to run away from the world and reject life, which was also not satisfying.”

The Eight Dimensions of Awakened Living (15:00) – The Eightfold Path is not a linear path from point A to point B. We explore the multi-dimensioned nature of the Eightfold Path and how each step relates to our incarnation.

“My teacher, Ajhan Cha, said that the real Eightfold path is two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, a mouth, a tongue and a body. It is the actual life you live, this is the Eightfold Path. As you sit and as you walk, you are the Eightfold Path.”

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