Heart Wisdom – Ep. 68 – Path of Joy

Through our various spiritual practices we are bearing witness to our human incarnation in a way that is unlike any other. We can find joy, even in the face of life’s greatest difficulties.

The journey of awakening is one that lightens the heart and brings untold joy, but that does not mean we cease to experience negative emotions or make mistakes along the way.

“Do I get angry? Of course, I get angry, frustrated and afraid. It’s not just me—I have seen some of the great masters get upset. I have watched Thich Nhat Hanh get upset, and I pissed off Mother Theresa—but that is a story for another time.”

It is a reality that as we sit, the walls of who we are starting to dissolve. We discover very directly and immediately that we are woven in a single garment of destiny, part of this network of mutuality. When we understand this, how do we act? The key is our intention. The secret is to act beautifully, without attachment to the fruits of your actions. That is the place of freedom.

Find Peace


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