Heart Wisdom – Ep. 198 – Awareness and Intimacy

In this lively episode, Jack dives into how mindfulness, awareness and intimacy help us engage with life more fully.

“Zen master Dōgen said that to be mindful, to be awake, to pay attention, is the same as intimacy—intimacy with your lover, with your friends, or the sky and the trees, the drought, the grasses, your neighbors, the rhythms of the seasons, your children or parents.” – Jack Kornfield

In this episode, Jack mindfully illuminates:
  • Spiritual practice as a path with heart about connecting our spiritual life and worldly life
  • Using breath to relate with nature and life as movement and a process of change
  • Understanding the movements of mind and using mindfulness to live more fully
  • A story involving Jack, a Zen master, and a glass of sake at Naropa
  • How mindfulness, awareness and intimacy are synonymous
  • The way Jack personally deals with and gets intimate with loneliness in his life
  • Meditation as teaching the art of appreciation for what’s in front of us
  • The art of getting intimate with our fear to engage with life more fully

“To enter into one thing in a very personal and immediate way—not with your mind, but your whole being—is to touch everything.” – Jack Kornfield

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