Heart Wisdom – Ep. 76 – The Three Gateways to Freedom

These teachings welcome you all, whatever particular body you were born into. Whatever your class or sexual orientation or race. The gates of the Dharma are open and inviting.

Gate of Awareness (5:30) – The goal of mindfulness and meditation practice isn’t about gaining anything, but rather the goal is to enter into a different relationship with this life that we have been given. The first dimension of mindfulness that transforms this relationship is the capacity to be mindful of the content of our experience. We discuss the ways that the awareness of what arises changes how we interact with the world.

As you meditate and as you undertake the training of mindfulness, you gradually learn to trust in your capacity to be present and to tolerate your human incarnation. That isn’t an easy thing.

Illuminating Our Experience (24:35) – The second gateway of mindfulness comes with the examination of the process of experience. We explore what happens when we turn towards our dukkha and begin to see the impermanence in all things.

In the midst of drama, fear or difficulty, there is another way of relating rather than being closed down or reactive.

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