Mindfulness Meditation
The Fundamentals

This program includes 31 lessons bundled into eight sessions. Jack will show you how to skillfully practice the most valuable mindfulness and compassion meditations, including breath, body, feelings and thoughts and more. This is a valuable resource that can be used again and again to sustain or refresh your regular, ongoing practice.


Master Class: Interactive Guided Meditation Training

This 10-hour, 8-part series includes some of the most powerful, dynamic and immediate transformative practices I know of to facilitate healing, deep opening and new understanding. These Interactive Guided Meditations are not the commonly practiced guided meditations such as metta, compassion, forgiveness, joy and equanimity. They are the special practices that I have used to help top CEOs when their companies were in trouble; to assist parents when a child has died; to aid people facing major turning points in their lives; and to help those who are ill gain powerful healing skills, transform bodily held traumas and deepen in new dimensions of their spiritual lives. Extraordinary openings can happen in a single session.


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