You are invited to take a journey through Innerspace with this brand new music meditation, “Infinite Moment,” featuring the transformative words of Jack Kornfield woven mindfully through the ambient soundscapes of Formless, The Album Leaf, and Superposition (Boreta from electronic music legends, The Glitch Mob).


Innerspace Music is a compilation of guided musical meditations out on It combines classic teachings with music, intended to elevate and bring to life awareness, mindfulness, and loving kindness. Along with two Jack Kornfield meditations, Innerspace also features spiritual teachers Ram Dass, Tara Brach, and Alan Watts, as well as electronic-steeped musical artists Sigur Ros, Tycho, and East Forest.


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“Infinite Moment” Lyrics / Guided Meditation:

“Open to timelessness – the presence of eternity is right where you are.
Each step, each word, each breath is an invitation to the reality of the present.
Let yourself be seated comfortably, sit with ease and presence.
And in this meditation, you will sit in timeless loving awareness, and let yourself become what my teacher Ajahn Chah called, The One Who Knows – the witness to all things.
As you sit, let yourself be relaxed and dignified, sense yourself resting in your seat at the still-point of the turning world.
Let all the experiences that arise—the sensations, thoughts, sounds, and sights—appear as they will like images on the screen, or waves in the water.
Memories, luminous sunsets, the joys and pains that arise are an endless creative display appearing and dissolving.
And you rest in loving awareness, the witness to them all. Rest where you are.
It is always now, the eternal present.
Even as a child playing outdoors you knew how to step outside of time.
See how time, clocks, calendars, future, past, plans and memories are all ideas created by the mind in the present.
Shift your attention and rest as the timeless loving awareness – The One Who Knows.
Thoughts, plans, ideas of past and future arise just now; and all that appears are simply movements in space that cannot affect the ground of eternity.
Sense timeless vastness, the galaxies turn in this timeless universe, life renews itself again and again.
It is not your body, but eternities body, known by eternities awareness.
Rest in loving awareness in the reality of the present.
It is always now – trust it.
Breathe in this spacious silence.
Rest and trust the unfolding.
And in this spirit of trust, when you get up from the meditation, let your actions arise from this stillness.
Resting in eternity, you will naturally know how to respond, how to create and embody; but the actions will arise from The One Who Knows.
As the great Taoist sage, Lao Tzu, says, ‘Remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself.’
Rest in the eternal present – it is your home.
And from this, allow all of life to unfold with a trusting and caring heart.”
– Jack Kornfield


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