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Building Bridges in a Divided Time — Heart and Head, Spirit and Science with Jack Kornfield & Dan Siegel

April 10 @ 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

We invite you to join us for a special intimate training retreat with two master teachers, Jack Kornfield and Dan Siegel. In a live virtual setting, we will gather over two sessions on Saturday, April 10th and focus on how we can best grow in wisdom and love, explore the profound questions of brain, mind and spirit, and cultivate practices that nurture a resilient and vibrant well-being in this ever-more challenging world.

In our workshop you will learn how to apply the revolutionary principles of the consilient, multi-disciplinary field of Interpersonal Neurobiology to awaken new capacities and benefit your whole life, enhancing your relationships, integrating your brain, and strengthening your mind.

You will also learn the foundational and scientifically supported Eastern practices of mindfulness and compassion to train the heart and intellect. Integrating these complementary disciplines of science and spiritual practice invites us all to cultivate wisdom and awaken a deep capacity for trust and love, to integrate our identity as both an inner and inter self to live a full, compassionate, and connected life. Together, Jack and Dan will draw on their more than 30 combined books and extensive teachings that have inspired millions of readers and students around the world. The format of this two-day online workshop will include a rich body of accessible and transformative scientific concepts, individual cases and inspiring stories, blended with dialogue with the group of attendees, meditations, and practices to explore and learn the art and science of wisdom and love.

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