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Welcome to the Buddhist Psychology: Essential Skills For Transforming the Heart & Mind.

This course is organized into six lessons (Also known as modules and numbered as Modules 1 through 6). Within each of the modules there are a number of topics. Each of the topics contain a video. To complete the topics the video must be viewed until it reaches its endpoint.

Before starting the video note the total time of the video displayed on the bottom left corner of the video screen. The time displayed is the point to which the video must reach so that the Mark Complete button is enabled. The Mark Complete button will turn red when the end of the video is reached. (There may be a slight pause at the end of the video before the Mark Complete button is enabled.)

To advance to the next topic click on the red Mark Complete button. Once you have completed all of the topics for a module/lesson, you will also need to mark the lesson (module) complete . Once the 6 lessons and all of the topics have been marked complete you can then proceed download and print your course completion certificate.

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